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Lady Gaga Just Debuted Her New Video for "Perfect Illusion" On Scream Queens

Sounds like she's suffered another bad romance.

Brad Pitt Only Found Out That Angelina Jolie Was Divorcing Him Yesterday

In other words, the same day she filed for divorce.

7 Lies Donald Trump Is Telling You About Terrorism

Instead of offering a conservative counter to Hillary Clinton, the Republican nominee offers vitriol and falsehoods. 

Mandy Moore's How to Deal Is Still the Perfect PG-13 Romance

That scene in front of the dam is #goals.

Celebrities Wearing Things!

Everything your favorite celebs wore the month of September.

"This Is Us" Is the New Mandy Moore Show That Will Make You Sob

There's a huge twist that you won't see coming. 

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chocolate chip cookies secrets
7 Pro Tips for Baking the Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever

Plus, a troubleshooting guide that will change your cookie game forever.

5 Halloween Snacks to Take Your Party to the Next Level

Ridiculously easy treats that look cute too.

What It's Really Like to Be a Farmer

If you want a career in agriculture, here are 10 things you need to know.

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12 Things He Knows Really Mean "I Love You"

Tolerating his hair all over the bathroom = love.

Nail Contouring Is the Fastest Way to Fake Long AF Nails

Yes, this is a thing. 

kim kardashian ring kanye west
Kanye West Gave Kim Kardashian Another Diamond Ring and Yeah, It’s Huge

Kim's second sparkler is 20 carats, NBD.

6 Ways Boxed Wine Can Get You a Better Butt

Lift your glass and your butt. 

Celebrities Doing Things!

Everything your favorite celebs did during the month of August.

I Tried to Cure My Anxiety Myself, and I Made It Worse

I realized crystals and coconut oil aren't the cure for serious mental illness.

You Need to Read This Teacher's Brilliant List of "101 Ways to Cope With Stress"

You'll want to share this with your kids and print a copy for yourself.

5 Ways Your 20s Are Different Than Your 30s

"I feel like I spent my 20s being like, 'I have to find a husband.'"

Stop Rejoicing Over Brad and Angelina's Divorce

Being in the Team Jen cheering section says more about you than it does about them.

Cecile Richards: Donald Trump’s Empty Gestures Hide His Dangerous Agenda for Women
The president of Planned Parenthood Action Fund says the Republican candidate has rolled out two recent proposals that wouldn…
kendall jenner
Farrah and Simon Go to Couple's Therapy in a Dramatic "Teen Mom OG"

Plus, Maci does some carpentry, Tyler misses Catelynn, and more.

Everything You Need to Know About the Controversial 13th Zodiac Sign

Like how you shouldn't be panicking, for one.

What It's Like to Give Up Artificial Sweeteners for a Month

After sipping on Splenda for over a decade, my maladjusted taste buds were less than thrilled.

This Simple Trick Makes Box Cake Mix 1,000 Times Better

A lighter, moister, and lower-calorie cake is just a microwave away.